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HomeMyGosh will give you the quality automation you want. Get cool features while saving money. Get in touch today to learn more about our Automation.


What We Do

Fully automated

True Automation is not having to interact with your home at all, it knows what to do when you want it.  We make your day-to-day tasks fully automated. Our systems will make your place hassle-free, secure, and leave you with peace of mind. Forget how to use a light switch or thermostat. No need to turn on the lamp when you get out of bed or turn off the bathroom fan after the shower, with our automation you'll save up to 50 thousand tasks each year.

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Smart Space Planning

We use technology that integrates with most automation products on the market and is completely customizable to meet any client’s needs. We have a standard automation solution for new homes and construction that would add a luxurious and comfortable feel to your space.


Remote Support

HomeMyGosh makes sure your automation is always working. As each device is tested before it's installed, you will have peace of mind. We can adjust your settings remotely to meet your comfort level. No need to wait anymore for a technician to come to you.

Network Hub and Cable

Smart Automation

Motion sensors are great but don't always do the task. Say your reading a book on the couch, how will the light know to stay on? We use a combination of sensors to know if you are present. Including noise levels, routines, humidity levels, and temperatures. Never wave your hand in the air to keep the light on.


Mood Lighting

At HomeMyGosh you can pre-set your lighting to match your mood. Whether it's cooking, eating, or relaxing, the lighting will be just right.
Enjoy natural sunlight? With our light sensors, the lighting will seamlessly adjust based on the sunlight level.


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